May 20, 2009

Alexandra's Cookie Dreams

How excited were we this morning when a box of 6 of Alexandra’s Cookie Dreams cookies arrived for us! Alexandra uses all natural, no preservatives, local ingredients and companies as much as possible so they will be they’re freshest for 6 days. You can also refrigerate them for up to 3 weeks and they will taste as fresh as they did the day they arrived! They’re freezable for 3 months, too! We warmed our cookies before we ate them and let me tell you, they are double the deliciousness warmed! Our favorites are the Toffee Doodle Dream and the Double Stuffed Chocolate Nightmare, but we really loved them all! They have the perfect combination of sweet, salty, and everything in between. Try them for yourself, or for others, they would make the perfect wedding or bridal shower favor.

Alexandra really customizes the cookie gift to meet the theme of the event, and the personalities of the couple. “We create a custom front label (oftentimes using an image or color from the invitation or photo of the couple or bride), custom back label, including personalized cookie name (for example, for an engagement party we named the cookie "Taste of Sweet Wedding Bliss, For The Future Mr. & Mrs. Liss" and then the cookie description was customized as well) We add matching ribbon, (sometimes we use the same ribbon from the bride or bridesmaid's bouquets) and we add a personal message from the bride/couple. It's a lot of fun to work closely with people at such an exciting time of their lives.” - Alexandra

New York Cowgirl

Alexandra’s Cookie Dreams™ Signature Cookie, the chocolate chili crunch represents the blending of Alexandra’s two favorite places, Texas and New York. A fudgy Ghirardelli© chocolate dough is excited by the subtle touch of Texas Chili powder and the un-expected crunch of New York Pretzel, forming a unique indulgent flavor that will make you want to kick up your boots and hit the city!

Double Stuffed Chocolate Nightmare

A chocolate lovers dream! Chunks of Callebaut milk chocolate and Ghirardelli© semi-sweet chocolate are layered and stuffed into a vanilla cookie that is chewy on the inside with a crispy outside.

White Chocolate Cranberry Walnut Wish

Chunks of creamy Ghirardelli© white chocolate are combined with sweet dried cranberries and salty hand-cut walnuts in a cakey vanilla cookie that's a lovely complement to a cup of tea, or a glass of champagne.

Toffee Doodle Dream

Buttery, gooey toffee overflows from this chewy vanilla cookie, combined with a touch of semi-sweet chocolate and wrapped in a crackling cinnamon sugar coating.

Peanut Buttery Bliss

Extreme peanut butter cravers beware! This deliciously nutty cookie is loaded with both creamy peanut butter and fresh roasted, salted hand-cut peanuts forming the perfect balance between savory and sweet.

The All-Nighter

The chocolate, espresso, cayenne punch is created by first melting Ghirardelli© semi-sweet and un-sweetened chocolate; Illy© dark roasted espresso powder and salty hand-cut walnuts are then added to create a delicate, chewy mocha cookie that is finished with a welcomed jolt of red cayenne pepper.

A portion of each cookie profit is donated to Austin and New York Public Schools through the organization to support education and the love of learning.

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May 13, 2009

Go Green!

Wedding Runways Go Green Wedding Aisle Runners Enviromentally Friendly IdeasBoth in color and ecologically.

We will soon be using eco-solvent inks and material for our custom printed aisle runners. And, what better timing, than for the summer? This inspiration board above, done by Finestationary, illustrates the vibrancy of all of the different shades of green one can use. And the only thing would make this “green” wedding theme even better is to use eco friendly materials whenever possible. Here are some tips from The Wedding Lens to help create your own “green” wedding.

Use recycled paper for your invitations

By using recycled paper, you can save a lot of paper and a lot of trees, especially considering how many pieces of paper get mailed out (directions, return envelopes, etc… )

Consider treeless paper

You can also get invitations made from bamboo, hemp or kenaf.

Don’t use toxic ink

When printing your invitations, make sure the ink you use, is not toxic. Many inks are, so this is something you can easily ask about (or purchase if you’re printing your own).

Make sure your ring is not a blood diamond

A simple web search can tell you all of the negative things associated with blood diamonds; make sure your ring is conflict free. A jeweler should be able to tell you the origin of your ring. If they’re not willing to help you figure it out, go elsewhere.

Reuse & Recycle

If you know someone who recently got married, then perhaps they have some decorations, silk flowers, ideas, or suggestions that you can reuse or recycle. If nothing else, it will save you time researching these things!

Pick a venue that is outdoors (and free!)

Selecting a venue like an area of a forest or part of a beach is beautiful and free! It takes advantage of the nature that is easily accessible.

Think about where your guests are from

When picking a venue, consider where your guests are traveling from. Try to find a place in the middle. After all, the less your guests will have to travel, the cheaper for them and the less oil consumed.
If you pick indoors, pick with windows

Try to select a venue that has natural light so you don’t have to use electricity as much.

Car or van pool from hotel to reception
Rather than have everyone drive from their hotel to the wedding reception, organize a car pool or hire a van or bus to transport everyone to & from the venue. You save fuel and ensure your inebriated friends get home safely.

Require a color, not a dress

Ask your bridesmaids to buy a dress that they will wear again – in whatever color you choose, if you want. If they can re-wear, it’s that much better.

Plant a tree as a Favor

Plant a tree (or many trees) as the favor to your guests.

Give seeds

Give seeds as the favor so that people can plant on their own. Give a basket of green products

Come up with a list of some green products and items and give those as the favor.

Make the favors the centerpieces

By using the favors as the decorative centerpiece, you don’t have to use more flowers or purchase other decorative items. And hopefully the favors will be useful and re-useable.

Buy natural

If you purchase a new dress, get one that is made from natural, organic materials such as organic silk or help.

Donate when you’re done

When you’re done, donate your dress to a charity that can sell it; it will create funds for them and save someone else from having to purchase a new dress.

Don’t use disposable cameras

Disposable cameras require you to print all the photos AND dispose of the camera. It’s much more cost effective AND green friendly to use digital cameras (like the ones that your guests are already bringing).

Share your photos digitally

By storing digital images on your wedding blog/website/ The Wedding Lens for family and friends to download as they please, you save money on postage and processing. You also don’t use toxic chemicals to print too many pictures.

Go organic

Use organic foods wherever possible.

Go local

Hire a catering company that uses only local ingredients.

Donate the leftovers

Donate any leftover food rather than throwing it out. There are lots of shelters that would love to receive such a great donation.

Use non-disposable plates and utensils

If at all possible, use non-disposables so that you don’t create a huge amount of waste, especially if you’re having a large wedding reception.

Use recycled materials

If you can’t avoid using disposable plates & utensils, opt for the recycled version or treeless options.

Use flowers that are in season

When you use flowers that are out of season, they have to be imported. Transportation and care of the flowers requires extra resources that in-season flowers don’t require.

Go local

Flowers that are local don’t need to be transported or cared for in the same way as flowers that are transported and moved around.

Use silk or dried flowers

Get silk or dried flowers as an eco-friendly alternative.

Use potted flowers and plants

Potted flowers and plants look great and they can be used after the event for your home or garden. Or you can give it to guests to use in their home or garden.

Go with singers, not DJs

Vocalists won’t require the amount of amplification that DJs requires.

Register for earth friendly products

A registry can prevent people from buying gifts that you don’t really want (however well-intentioned they were!). It can also allow you to register for earth friendly products and things that you would want.

Consider registering for non-consumptive gifts

Register for non-consumptive gifts that you would like, such as massages, wine, soap, or free trade coffee.

Don’t print programs

People don’t necessarily need a program, especially if you can have a DJ announce who the wedding party is. It will save you money on printing costs and save paper.

Use flower petals as confetti

Use flower petals instead of paper confetti, rice, or seeds. It’s biodegradable!


When you clean up or hire the clean-up crew, make sure they recycle instead of throwing everything away and filling landfills.

Please visit Wedding Runways and ask how we can help make your wedding environmentally friendly!

May 11, 2009

Look For Us In The Upcoming Issue Of Brides Connecticut!

We were so excited when Lauren Matthews from Brides Connecticut contacted us on Friday to let us know they want to feature Wedding Runways in the upcoming Fall/Winter 09 issue. We have an ad in their magazine but to have a story featured about our custom wedding aisle runners, table runners and “step & repeats” is so motivating and inspiring. This would be our first editorial press and we can’t wait for everybody to read about us!

May 7, 2009


This week we received a request for a wedding aisle runner for the couples names and dates on the bottom and a Bible passage placed in the center of the runner. "For the Lord is good and His love endures forever. His faithfulness continues throughout the Generations.” Psalm 100:5

I started thinking a lot of other quotes and passages one might want on her custom printed aisle runner. These are just a few of my favorites.

There is only one happiness in life,
to love and be loved.
- George Sand

You know you are in love
when you see the world in her eyes,
and her eyes everywhere in the world.
- David Levesque

Love is strong yet delicate.
It can be broken.
To truly love is to understand this.
To be in love is to respect this.
- Stephen P

To the world you may be one person,
but to one person you may be the world.
- Bill Wilson

There are three things that last: faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love.
- I Corinthians 13:13

You were born together, and together you shall be for evermore....but let there be spaces in your togetherness. And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. - Kahlil Gibran

There is nothing half so sweet in life
As love's young dream.
- Thomas Moore

He is blessed in love alone,
Who loves for years and loves but one.
- Sir A. Hunt

Two souls with but a single thought,
Two heart that beat as one.
- Franz Joseph von Munch-Bellinghausen

If you would like to customize a wedding aisle runner with any of these quotes or anything you have in mind, please contact us at Wedding Runways

May 4, 2009

A New Wedding Favor Idea

Today while brainstorming for “new” ideas, we came up with yet another wedding favor. We have been offering “Step & Repeat” backdrops, with our custom printed aisle runners to compliment any event you are having. For instance, we can design a background with the date of your wedding, your name, fiancé’s name, monogram and any other logo or design you have for your wedding. Guests can then be photographed in front of the background; they will receive the photo as a wedding favor. It can be framed and given to the guests as a gift! The frame will have significant meaning to the wedding, maybe the couples name and date. In addition to our other signature wedding décor, this is the perfect way to bring even more red carpet style to the Bride’s wedding aisle! Please visit our website Wedding Runways for more information.

May 1, 2009

Wedding and Event Planner, Carissa Civitello of Couture Events

With so many choices today when planning a wedding, what is going to be your deciding factor when choosing a wedding planner?  Money matters in these economic times and Carissa Civitello of Couture Events is here to help!


Carissa believes planning your wedding is a very exciting time, but first things first. The financial aspect of the wedding can be an uncomfortable topic for both bride and grooms family. She suggests for both families to get together BEFORE the planning process to discuss the financial contribution of bride, groom as well as their families.  Having an open discussion will help to clear up any questions for the parties involved.

Determine a list of what’s important to you as the bride along with the groom and the families.  From there you begin to construct your wedding budget.  


Carissa will work with you to stay on budget and still be able to have the wedding of your dreams. She will conduct all of the research regarding your vendors, will be able to shop around and negotiate prices and know what will work for you and your budget.  She can create a stunning wedding on any budget!