May 20, 2009

Alexandra's Cookie Dreams

How excited were we this morning when a box of 6 of Alexandra’s Cookie Dreams cookies arrived for us! Alexandra uses all natural, no preservatives, local ingredients and companies as much as possible so they will be they’re freshest for 6 days. You can also refrigerate them for up to 3 weeks and they will taste as fresh as they did the day they arrived! They’re freezable for 3 months, too! We warmed our cookies before we ate them and let me tell you, they are double the deliciousness warmed! Our favorites are the Toffee Doodle Dream and the Double Stuffed Chocolate Nightmare, but we really loved them all! They have the perfect combination of sweet, salty, and everything in between. Try them for yourself, or for others, they would make the perfect wedding or bridal shower favor.

Alexandra really customizes the cookie gift to meet the theme of the event, and the personalities of the couple. “We create a custom front label (oftentimes using an image or color from the invitation or photo of the couple or bride), custom back label, including personalized cookie name (for example, for an engagement party we named the cookie "Taste of Sweet Wedding Bliss, For The Future Mr. & Mrs. Liss" and then the cookie description was customized as well) We add matching ribbon, (sometimes we use the same ribbon from the bride or bridesmaid's bouquets) and we add a personal message from the bride/couple. It's a lot of fun to work closely with people at such an exciting time of their lives.” - Alexandra

New York Cowgirl

Alexandra’s Cookie Dreams™ Signature Cookie, the chocolate chili crunch represents the blending of Alexandra’s two favorite places, Texas and New York. A fudgy Ghirardelli© chocolate dough is excited by the subtle touch of Texas Chili powder and the un-expected crunch of New York Pretzel, forming a unique indulgent flavor that will make you want to kick up your boots and hit the city!

Double Stuffed Chocolate Nightmare

A chocolate lovers dream! Chunks of Callebaut milk chocolate and Ghirardelli© semi-sweet chocolate are layered and stuffed into a vanilla cookie that is chewy on the inside with a crispy outside.

White Chocolate Cranberry Walnut Wish

Chunks of creamy Ghirardelli© white chocolate are combined with sweet dried cranberries and salty hand-cut walnuts in a cakey vanilla cookie that's a lovely complement to a cup of tea, or a glass of champagne.

Toffee Doodle Dream

Buttery, gooey toffee overflows from this chewy vanilla cookie, combined with a touch of semi-sweet chocolate and wrapped in a crackling cinnamon sugar coating.

Peanut Buttery Bliss

Extreme peanut butter cravers beware! This deliciously nutty cookie is loaded with both creamy peanut butter and fresh roasted, salted hand-cut peanuts forming the perfect balance between savory and sweet.

The All-Nighter

The chocolate, espresso, cayenne punch is created by first melting Ghirardelli© semi-sweet and un-sweetened chocolate; Illy© dark roasted espresso powder and salty hand-cut walnuts are then added to create a delicate, chewy mocha cookie that is finished with a welcomed jolt of red cayenne pepper.

A portion of each cookie profit is donated to Austin and New York Public Schools through the organization to support education and the love of learning.

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